Corporate Plus   Staff Locker System

  • Banking Institutions
  • Casinos
  • Factories
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Staff rooms

and wherever a large workforce requires secure storage options.

The ultimate Staff locker system with much, much more! Today's highly competitive corporate environment places greater emphasis on productivity through employee satisfaction . The Corporate Plus is the ideal solution, providing a cost effective integration between staff and technology.

The system alleviates "personal space" tensions whilst optimising profit potential through exceptional time/space management. Staff can access the Corporate Plus using their existing IDaccess cards or the Eurolocker swipe card system.

At the heart of the Corporate Plus system lies one of the smartest digital brains ever installed in a storage system and as easy to use as a "hole in the wall bank". Remote access can be gained via modem for access control and communications.

The Corporate Plus locker is constructed of the finest galvanised steel. It's robust, built to last and doesn't require surveillance or locker attendants.

Serviced by: Steward Electronics Ltd
Contact: steward electronics

Technical information and sizes

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