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Eurolocker is a state of the art, high tech keyless locker storage system that is coin operated and manufactured in New Zealand.  This electronic system has many different operating modes suitable for a variety of applications, eg it can be activated by the user nominating a four digit PIN number, relieving you and your visitors of the hassle of keys and what to do with them.

The Eurolocker is constructed of the finest quality electro galvanised steel.  It’s robust, built to last and doesn’t require surveillance or locker attendants.  Because the system is coin operated and activated by a PIN number rather than a key, it assists in venue traffic flow and lessens counter congestion.  At the heart of the Eurolocker lies a sophisticated computer.  It is one of the smartest electronic brains ever installed in a security storage system and as easy to use as an “ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)”.

The program manager allows you to pre-set and alter Price/Time per use, provides easy access to re-enter lockers when PIN numbers are “lost”, monitors maintenance and includes an accounting system that adds it all up and tells you how much you’ve collected.

Manufactured and Serviced by: Steward Electronics Ltd
Email: steward electronics

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